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[20120307] NetBSD/xen available for Multi-Processor machines
Manuel Bouyer announces that NetBSD/xen is now available for Multi-Processor machines. Citing from the release announcement:

``The NetBSD Foundation is pleased to announce completion of Multiprocessing Support for the port of its Open Source Operating System to the Xen hypervisor.

The NetBSD Fundation started the Xen MP project 8 month ago; the goal was to add SMP support to NetBSD/Xen domU kernels. This project has officially completed, and after a few bug fixes in the pmap(9) code it is now considered stable on both i386 and amd64. NetBSD 6.0 will ship with option MULTIPROCESSOR enabled by default for Xen domU kernels.

The availability of Xen MP support in NetBSD allows to run the NetBSD Open Source Operating Systems on a range of available infrastructure providers' systems. Amazon's Web Services with their Elastic Cloud Computing is a prominent examples here.

Xen is a virtualization software that enables several independent operating system instances ("domains") to run concurrently on the same computer hardware. The hardware is managed by the first domain (dom0), and further guest/user domains (domU) are spawned and managed by dom0. Operating systems available for running as dom0 and domU guests include Microsoft Windows, Solaris and Linux besides NetBSD.

NetBSD is a free, fast, secure, and highly portable Unix-like Open Source operating system. It is available for a wide range of platforms, from large-scale servers and powerful desktop systems to handheld and embedded devices. Its clean design and advanced features make it excellent for use in both production and research environments, and the source code is freely available under a business-friendly license. NetBSD is developed and supported by a large and vivid international community. Many applications are readily available through pkgsrc, the NetBSD Packages Collection.

NetBSD has been available for the Xen hypervisor since Xen 1 and NetBSD 2.0, released in 2004 , but until now only a single processor was supported in each NetBSD/xen domain.''

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