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[20120420] More dmesg pr0n: NetBDS/Xen with 128 (virtual) CPUs
There was discussion about raising the number of CPU(core)s supported by NetBSD the other day, as the current limit of 32 isn't the sky any more in 2012. In the process, Xen-hacker Manuel Bouyer suggested using booting NetBSD ins a Xen DomU, as you can assign up to 128 (virtual) cores to a DomU.

Here's the dmesg output, and I'm sure this is a lot faster than simulating 128 CPUs in qemu.

So, how to go beyone 128 CPUs for testing? Anyone played with Qemu recently, or even have some decent hardware at hand? If so, be sure to post dmesg output (and CC: me)!

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