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[20120603] SMP-ready USB stack on its way for NetBSD - testers welcome!
Matt Green has picked up Jared McNeill's work on making the NetBSD USB stack SMP-ready. Besides the USB framework itself, this is also relevant for all the various drivers that can attach to USB - starting form audio drivers over SCSI to serial (ucom) drivers. While the work is far from complete, it is in a shape where users are welcome to start testing, and where developers are also welcome to help in converting more drivers!

Please join in and help test the code, and send your feedback to the lists. If no serious issues come up, the code will be merged within a week.

See Matt's posting to tech-kern for more details, inclusing diffs and links for amd64 and i386 GENERIC (+usbmp) kernels.

Further information on the state of the code - what is and what is not converted yet - can be found in the TODO.usbmp file.

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