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[20130203] Updating hubertf's NetBSD blog for the Social Web (AKA Facebook)
Postings on the front page of this blog as well as individual articles had a "Slashdot it" link on the bottom for quite some time. With noone noticing that this wasn't working for some time, apparently. To fix the situation, and bring this blog a bit closer to the Social Web, I've removed the Slashdot-link, and added some Facebook buttons.

I'm aware that this may cause some distress, and I'm curious to hear your opinion - mail me at the above address (or drop me a line on FB :-).

Also: FB is the only of those apps that I really use these days - I do not currently have plans to add any others. Again, if I'm flooded with pleas, this can be changed. It may actually save me from logging e.g. into Google+ and Twitter to share things there. What do you think?

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