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[20130321] Happy 20th Birthday, NetBSD! (Update)

20 years back from today, NetBSD was initially checked into CVS. Revision 1.1 of src/Makefile was committed on March 21st 1993 on 09:45:37 by Chris Demetriou (cgd@):

% cvs log -Nr1.1 Makefile
revision 1.1
date: 1993/03/21 09:45:37;  author: cgd;  state: Exp;
branches:  1.1.1;
Initial revision 
NetBSD was started as successor to the Berkeley System Distribution (BSD) Unix with a focus on multiplatform support.

Personally, I've followed NetBSD since the day in 1993 when the Amiga port popped up, which was the first platform that the newly forked operating system was ported to after its separation from BSD.

Many things have happened in the past 20 years, and a lot could be shown and told for the history books at this point. But I guess that can be done later - I'd be happy to help out with such a project if someone wants to start it, though :)

For today I'm very happy that NetBSD is available on a wide range on platforms, runs the software that I want and gives me the assurrance it will be around tomorrow and hopefully for the next 20 years, too.

Cheers, NetBSD!

Update: Jeremy Reed pointed me at his BSDnewletter posting, which gives a number of details of NetBSD's history. Recommended reading!

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