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[20130324] Ansible & EC2 - Playbooks for orchestrating NetBSD into the cloud
As follower of my blog you have seen the steps towards getting NetBSD instances started in Amazon's EC2 cloud with a simple web application deployed on one EC2 instance and the database on another one.

These blog articles were very detailed on purpose, to have full logfiles available just in case needed. I have used these logs to prepare my pkgsrcCon 2013 talk about Ansible and Amazon's EC2, so things can be looked at without actually running anything. As it turns out this was good, because the 32bit NetBSD instances that I've used during my pkgsrcCon demonstration actually decided to do a kernel panic, and the presentation was a bit more on the theoretical side than I originally planned.

Now after pkgsrcCon is over, I would like to publish the presentation slides with all the details, and especially the playbooks and all other files to look at - enjoy!

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