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[20130528] NetBSD's projects for Google's Summer of Code 2013 have been chosen
In this year's round of Google Summer of Code, we have again received a number of project proposals by interested students. After going into details and finding out what projects have a chance to give both the NetBSD project and the student the most benefit (besides the money), this is settled now, and I'm pleased to announce that the following students and their projects are our prospects for 2013:
  • Julian Fagir: System upgrade (system_upgrade)
  • Haomai Wang: Make NetBSD a supported guest OS under VirtualBox (Virtualbox)
  • Manuel Wiesinger: Defragmentation for FFS in NetBSD (defrag_ffs)
  • Myron Aub: Port Linux's drm/kms/gem/i915 (DRM2)
  • Przemyslaw Sierocinski: Implement file system flags to scrub data blocks before deletion (fs_scrub_flags)
Of course all other students who have submitted proposals can feel free to participate in NetBSD outside of the Summer of Code. For those participating, this is the time for the timeline.

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