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[20131020] Quick bootstrap of NetBSD on Raspberry Pi and Cobalt machines
NetBSD is a fine operating system, but the installation sometimes leaves a lot of rope to hang yourself on non-PC platforms. To make things easier to get a recent NetBSD version on the Cobat Raq and Qube machines, Izumi Tsutsui has released a Restore CD/USB image based on NetBSD 5.2.1 that allows for a quick bootstrap. There is also a Restore CD HOWTO available with more information.

If you're into somewhat more recent machines, the Raspberry Pi is for you. For easy bootstrapping of NetBSD, Jun Ebihara offers a SD card image with -current NetBSD and pkgsrc from October 2013 preinstalled. This also includes support for hardware floating point and DMA. Instructions are available on line in Japanese language. The important commands still are readable, so have a look!

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