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[20131024] Mercedes Benz powered by NetBSD?
There is a posting by Fefe which links to Open Source licenses used by Mercedes Benz.

This includes a number of BSD variants - original 4-clause as well as the 2- and 3-clause versions as well as company specific BSD licenses by car-supplier Continental, Acme Labs and Google. No explicit mention of NetBSD's license, but a bunch of NetBSD developers' names and mail addresses can be found. There is also an overview that the BSD license is used in about all models from A-Class over S-Class to SLK, and which also indicates that the new (2013+) S-Class includes much more BSD licensed software than all the other models. Which is not much of a surprise, as it's the most recent and also most technically advanced model (as far as I can tell).

No details are included as to what software components are under the respective licenses. Anyone got details? Please share!

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