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[20131027] G4U Opinion Time: kernel with embedded RAMdisk vs. miniroot?
Quoting my own mail to the g4u-help mailing list: ``I've found little time to hack on g4u in the recent past. Yet, I've managed to setup my development and test environment for g4u (crosscompiling NetBSD from Mac OS X, getting recent Qemu to compile), and also got g4u built from recent NetBSD-current sources. As such, take this as small sign of life.

Now, while I don't have any plans for large changes, I'd like to bring an update with latest drivers and bugfixes from NetBSD.

There's one change that I'm pondering, though: g4u originally came as one kernel-file that had an embedded RAM-disk. This was changed in the last release to reflect NetBSD's ability to load a RAM-disk from a separate file. This change broke the ability to netboot g4u from a single file, and required some more effort. There were no real wins for g4u as such.

So, opinion time: keep the RAM-disk as separate file, or move it back into the kernel?

Looking forward for your opinions!''

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