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[20131208] Max uptime: 8 years, 122 days!
This weekend's In Other BSDs from the DragonFly BSD Digest points at an interesting discussion in which a NetBSD system with 8-year uptime is introduced. Quoting from the ~October 2013 article:

`` I set up a dialup gateway for a company with NetBSD 1.3 in 1998 on a compaq pentium 90 desktop with 32MiB of RAM. I got a call last year (!) from the owner saying it stopped working suddenly. Pulled the disk on it and plugged it into an IDE/USB adapter and looked at the syslog as I had no ps2 keyboard and it didn't have USB.

Suspected hardware failure at that age.

Max uptime: 8 years, 122 days!''

The article goes on about what the machine was used for, and a bunch of lessons learned. Have a look and learn!

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