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[20060221] robots(6) V2
Last week, someone pointed me at robots2, which was posted as a successor to the BSD robots(6) someonethen in the 80ies (yes, 20 years ago :). I found that version nicer to play (even despite the less fancy "GUI" and an autoplay-mode), and got it into shape for NetBSD. Those that want to try it can find a tarball, it's not integrated into the build process, but a 'make ; make install' in src/games/robots2 shouldn't be too hard.

If someone wants to see this included into NetBSD, more work is needed, e.g. integrating the autoplay mode that NetBSD's robots(6) has and that's considered important, and some otions to turn off the 'new' options are probably needed so people don't feel overwhelmed by the revolutionary new gameplay[1]. *cough* Feel free to mail me patches. :)

[1] The same line of conservative thinking gave tetris a '-p' option to show a preview of the next piece, but this was never enabled by default to not confuse old farts^W^Wconservative players.

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