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[20060309] robots(6) V3
After another attack of extreme boredom (don't ask, it's not that I'm not busy!), I've added NetBSD robots' autoplay mode to robots2: The 'autoplay' mode I added in V2 was basically doing only random steps while trying not to run into robots. The new (NetBSD) autoplay mode is smarter and tries to hide behind scrap heaps.

I've added a switch to select the mode, see -a in the manpage (which reminded me that this code is really 22 (twenty-two!) years old. Yumm!

With the new autoplay mode, I saw it get to level 9, yet it teleports ways too much, which is VERY bad in higher levels, as chances are just too good that you jump into a robot. Maybe someone wants to write an even better algorithm? :)

Have a look at the robots2V3 source.

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