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[20050911] tmpfs added to NetBSD (Updated)
Julio M. Merino Vidal has committed the work on the "tmpfs" Summer-of-Code project into NetBSD. The long-term goal is to use tmpfs to replace the existing MFS, which ``is an implementation of the on-disk FFS file-system over memory pages. It is not "memory-friendly" because it arranges data as if it was using a disk. Furthermore, it never releases memory pages, which makes it unusable in several scenarios. OTOH, tmpfs uses data structures that can easily exist in memory and works closely with UVM to handle many things transparently (basically, regular files).'' In other words: mfs can only grow but never shrink and free up the memory it ocupies, while tmpfs will free memory again when files are removed.

For all information on how to enable tmpfs, run a regression test and where to find documentation about the internals of tmpfs see Julio's posting to tech-kern.

Update: See also jmmv's blog for information on the import and the latest changes!

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