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[20060321] Of course it runs (with) NetBSD: Robotic Software Simulator (Updated)
Google news found me this gem on design news: ``Tokyo-based, Speecys Corp., has developed a simulation software platform designed to aid in robot development. Demonstrated through a prototype of the SPC-003 robot, the software uses a combination of SolidWorks, 3D CAD and COSMOSMotion, and a mechanical analysis simulator. With the software platform, a design engineer can verify robotic motion before prototyping a robot.


The Real Motion System consists of a robotic software development tool for programming control of robotic walking, software for implementing robotic motion, robot prototype, its 3D CAD data and mechanical simulation tool. The OS embedded in the SPC-003 is based on a UNIX-compatible NetBSD, facilitating smooth data communication between SolidWorks and COSMOSMotion. ''

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Update: There are a few other projects that use NetBSD in robot research at the Robot Brain project and at Futuba with more humanoid robots.

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