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[20071211] Technical reports from the Virtual Unix Lab project
The Virtual Unix Lab is a training system that offers practical exercises for system administration, allowing students to perform exercises for NIS and NFS in a client-server environment. A key item is the feedback provided to the student after the exercises, so he can learn from his mistakes. Operating systems involved in the exercises are NetBSD and Solaris, the system itself is implemented on a PC running NetBSD plus two Sun SPARCstations running either NetBSD or Solaris, depending on the exericse setup.

The system is the core part of my PhD-thesis (to come :), and I've published three technical reports that describe a number of aspects of the systems in lengthy details. Those interested can find them here:

More information about the Virtual Unix Project, including presentations, other publications and screenshots can be found on the Homepage of the Virtual Unix Lab.

An introduction and overview of the system's operation can be found in this EuroBSDCon paper.

The thesis will assume the version of the lab described above, including the domain specific languages techniques, diagnosis and feedback, and describe how to implement tutoring and user adaption on top of that.

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