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[20090126] New hardware support: Gumstix Verde, Lenovo ThinkPad ethernet
After NetBSD supports the Gumstix boards for quite some time now, support for the Gumstix Verde models is on its way: Kiyohara Takashi has posted that he has realized support for a number of hardware devices, including USB host mode, LCD, ethernet, and a MicroSD card driver.

While talking about hardware support, an ever changing area is the devices put into consumer hardware like laptops. So far, the Intel 82567LM Gigabit card found in machines like the Dell Optiplex 760 and Lenovo's ThinkPad T400 was not supported. Support for that is now ported from OpenBSD to NetBSD by Kouichirou Hiratsuka. See his posting for diffs and dmesg output.

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