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[20100516] Apple Magic Mouse driver
NetBSD's Bluetooth hacker #1, Iain Hibbert, wrote on tech-kern: ``I wrote a driver for the Apple Magic Mouse, as the protocol was mostly decoded by a Linux developer, and Somebody was kind enough to send me one. [...]

The mouse itself is a wireless Bluetooth mouse and operates with the USB HID protocol much like other mice, but it doesn't provide a proper descriptor and requires features to be activated and special interpretations of the touch surface reports, so doesn't fit exactly into our HID framework, which configures independent sub-devices to report id's from the descriptor.

The driver interprets the touch reports to allow emulation of a middle mouse button (for mulitple firm touches detected), and horizontal and vertical scroll actions (for touches moving over a certain distance). It works well on NetBSD-current and NetBSD-5 and the mouse is pretty slick. '' See Iain's posting for more details.

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