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[20120212] NetBSD on the FriendlyARM Mini2440
Paul Fleischer has ported NetBSD to the FrienldyARM Mini2440 board. He writes on NetBSD's current-users mailing list: ``The FriendlyARM Mini2440 is an evaluation board based on the Samsung S3C2440 ARM SoC. It comes with a DM9000 Ethernet chip and an UDA1341 audio DAC, on-board NAND and NOR flash, a SD-card slot, and optionally a 3.5" or 7" touch display.'' See the link for dmesg-pr0n.

Detailled setup instructions are available on the port-arm mailing list and Paul's homepage. Paul is also looking for feedback on the port, so if you have a Mini2440 board, give it a spin and report back to Paul!

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