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[20130813] is fully back was started as an experiment to bring alternative, community-provided NetBSD content. Technology-wise it does this through RSS feed aggregation ran by Kimmo Suominen on his machines, the domain is registered and DNS provided by David Brownlee, and contents come from a variety of NetBSD-related blogs' RSS feeds, e.g. mine.

A couple of weeks ago, the DNS service was moved to a different DNS provider, which led to some problems: The IP adresses for the authoritative DNS servers of the zone were only IPv6 addresses, no IPv4 addresses. Those (IPv6 enabled) DNS servers did provide proper IPv4 (A) and IPv6 (AAAA) address records, but only to the clients speaking v6 in the first place. This led to funny effects that worked when on IPv6-enabled networks (which also had v4 enabled), but not on IPv4-only networks. This was further aggravated by the holiday season with not everyone reachable, a longer-than-neccessary communication chain and no direct access to all systems directly.

In the end things are changed back to working now for both IPv4-only and IPv6-enabled networks again, so be sure to keep watching

(And for those wondering where the domain name comes from: it's from the kernel that doesn't lie :)

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