hubertf's NetBSD tags

The following tags are used in my NetBSD blog. My idea for doing all the tagging is to make adding documentation easier in the future, at least for the links and items that I'm collecting:

Advocacy - Material and examples of NetBSD advocacy
Articles - NetBSD in the news, magazines, books, ...
Docs - HowTos, guides, etc. for NetBSD
Events - Calls for Papers, dates and reports of NetBSD near you
Hardware - general hardware, may or may not run NetBSD
Products - Products that run on or with NetBSD
Security - being free from danger

drivers - for various device, in various states
bsd - BSD in general
netbsd - What's happening at the NetBSD project (releases, announcements, ...)
cd - the pressed or burned hardware
iso - the thing to burn or press
live-cd - boot and run (iso, presssed or burned)
certification - work of BSDcertification.{org,com} and others
devotionalia - fan articles, e.g. t-shirts, statues, forks
embedded - just that
dmesg - random proofs of (mostly?) NetBSD running on various machines
emulate - Xen, qemu and friends
g4u, hfblog, hf6to4 - random software by me
hubertf - random items by and about me
ipv6 - IPng
funny - just that, more or less
kernel - NetBSD and other kernel internals - src/sys/kern stuff
licensing - BSD, GPL and other related topics
logos - NetBSD, Powered By and others
networking - in general, ip, tcp and others
packages - availability of precompiled binary packages
pics - pictures to watch
pkgsrc - everything about the world's most portable packaging system
polls - your chouce to voice your opinion
releases - NetBSD and others, final and in-progress
software - Just that - may be on and for NetBSD or not
updating - Tips and technology for packages and the operating system
voip - transporting Voice over the Internet Protocol
x11 - regarding the X Window System, not necessarily on NetBSD
xen - the Xen virtual machine monitor

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