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[20140801] BSDsec - Deadsimple BSD Security Advisories and Announcements
Found on DiscoverBSD, there is now a new website that aims at providing a central point of information for BSD related security information. It covers general and security related announcements from NetBSD, FreeBSD, and OpenBSD.

From DiscoverBSD: ``I take SA and A, and publish them on website. Aim for website is to be very simple, intuitive and mobile-whatever frendly. Tags are available for better search (in case you want only FreeBSD). I also publish on Twitter. Discussion is available via Reddit.

All process is done by my application, so I do not need to do anything.

How it works?

App is open-source, built with Ruby on Rails. I will write details in my next post, as well with how-to on contributing and so. I have few ideas and anyone is welcome to join me and make this app better! ''

Check out BSDSec!

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[20140715] NetBSD 7 branch date announced
NetBSD release engineer Jeff Rizzo has announced the timeline for branching the NetBSD 7 release:

``We will be creating the netbsd-7 CVS branch on or about July 26th, just under two weeks from today. The creation of this branch will mark the start of the Beta period, which is expected to last into September. Between now and branch time, our focus is on fixing bugs, updating documentation, and ensuring that the basics (build, installation, boot) work on as many platforms as possible. ''

In case you have some spare cycles, check out riz' mail for hints on how to help contributing to the release process.

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[20140503] The NetBSD Foundation 2013 Financial Report
Following a recent internal meeting of the NetBSD project, the 2013 financial report is now available to the public. This gives an overview of NetBSD's financial situation, showing income from donations and merchandizing, and where money goes to: hardware, consulting for development, fees for banking, conferences and legal expenses.

While NetBSD's finances are pretty safe and sound, more money is always welcome, to support developers working on features for money ("consulting") can do so in good manner.

See for more information on how to support NetBSD!

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[20140421] is gone, the NetBSD related news aggregation site that bundles many blogs and website feeds, is gone. Due to some hickups at the provider the domain registration was not extended, and the domain was taken by a domain swatter.

Interested parties can still access the site as

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[20140321] NetBSD papers at AsiaBSDCon 2014
AsiaBSDCon 2014 happened last week, and there were a number of interesting presentations covering various topics regaring NetBSD. Slides are now available:

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[20140312] NetBSD/arm news: netwalker, SMP, DTrace
In the past few weeks, several news items regarding NetBSD's port to ARM platforms came up:
  1. The port to the NETWALKER (Cortex-A8) platform works as confirmed by Jun Ebihara, including instructions on how to set things up and dmesg output.

  2. Ryota Ozaki is working on porting DTrace to ARM

  3. Matt Thomas is making the ARM port ready to use multiple CPUs, see his posting, which shows a list of processes and their associated CPU.

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[20140108] Two new NetBSD security advisories: ntpd, libXfont
Two new NetBSD security advisories have been published:
  • NetBSD Security Advisory 2014-001: Stack buffer overflow in libXfont:

    ``A stack buffer overflow in parsing of BDF font files in libXfont was found that can easily be used to crash X programs using libXfont, and likely could be exploited to run code with the privileges of the X program (most nostably, the X server, commonly running as root).

    This vulnerability has been assigned CVE-2013-6462.''

  • NetBSD Security Advisory 2014-002: ntpd used as DDoS amplifier:

    ``An administrative query function is getting used by attackers to use ntp servers as traffic amplifiers. The new version no longer offers this query option.''

See the advisories for technical details, workarounds and proper solutions to fix the problems. All this is fixed in NetBSD-current, patches are available for the NetBSD 5 and 6 releases with their corresponding development branches.

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[20131217] Interview with Amitai Schlair
There's a video interview with Amitai 'schmonz' Schlair over at UGtastic. It introduces Amitai as both a member of NetBSD's board of directors as well as a developer of the NetBSD operating system and especially pkgsrc.

The interview starts with NetBSD's history and its relation to today's Unix world and how Amitai got involved with NetBSD and pkgsrc in the first case. He outlines the differences and interrelation with NetBSD as an operating system project, and with pkgsrc as a cross-platform package management project, then tells on what pkgsrc does, is and is not, and for whom pkgsrc offers a good solution. The interview goes into automation, bulk builds and also mentions my pkgsrcCon Ansible talk at one point - kudos! :) Illuminating things from a craftsman's point of view, the look goes back to NetBSD and its advantages to serve as a modern Unix platform for the business, its support of many platforms and especially today virtualization, and also NetBSD's concepts of cross-compiling and "cross-kernel" approaches of RUMP, and the importance of automated kernel tests not crashing an actual machine.

For more information, see and :-)

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[20131210] Japanese translations of hubertf's NetBSD blog (yes, this one!)
Miwa Susumu wrote me that he as made the effort to translate some of the entries from this NetBSD blog in his own blog in Japanese language. Examples include:

Duomo arigatou gozaimasu - keep up the good work!

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[20131209] Use of NetBSD with Marvell Kirkwood Processors and AK-Systems' IP-Plugs
There's an article by Vladimir Trubilov over at Evertiq that explains what NetBSD is and how little effort is needed to get it going on a new ARM platform, with a AK-System IP-Plug mini-server as an example (Wikipedia link; the AK-System website is only in Russian-language!).

The article outlines the history of the various BSDs and tells about NetBSD's source organization and build process. It then introduces the target hardware and how NetBSD abstracts the various busses and drivers that are already there, and the few bits that needed adjusting.

``Conclusion: High portability, sufficient ease of use, as well as the necessary software packet and an open source code packets and open source make NetBSD a very attractive operating system for use in embedded systems. As seen in the example, it takes quite superficial knowledge of the system architecture and minimum change in the code to run NetBSD on the IP-Plug. At the same time, the functionality and performance of the built operating system is not inferior to that of Linux, which is used by default.''

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