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[20071018] Timewarp
Check this out... (requires Java)

Back in 1994 I was doing a few first steps in X Window Programming, and I ported this effect from my Amiga to X, mostly as an exercise, after a friend got me the sources for the Amiga program. As I used xlock(more) then, I added it, and it became part of the official release. It went over to xscreensaver and whatnot, and seeing this now after 13 years makes me a bit nostalgic.

(I think I'll try not to think about the platform implications, going from X on a Sun to a Java plugin running inside a webbrowser on a *cough* Linux system. Who's got a Flash version of this? :-)

P.S.: To get back on-topic, of course you can run this without Java and a webbrowser on NetBSD, too:

$ cd /usr/pkgsrc/*/xlockmore
$ make install
$ xlock -mode galaxy 

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