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[20120212] NetBSD on the FriendlyARM Mini2440
Paul Fleischer has ported NetBSD to the FrienldyARM Mini2440 board. He writes on NetBSD's current-users mailing list: ``The FriendlyARM Mini2440 is an evaluation board based on the Samsung S3C2440 ARM SoC. It comes with a DM9000 Ethernet chip and an UDA1341 audio DAC, on-board NAND and NOR flash, a SD-card slot, and optionally a 3.5" or 7" touch display.'' See the link for dmesg-pr0n.

Detailled setup instructions are available on the port-arm mailing list and Paul's homepage. Paul is also looking for feedback on the port, so if you have a Mini2440 board, give it a spin and report back to Paul!

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[20101022] GraceTech builds human-friendly computer with wood and NetBSD
Google News pointed me at Austrian company Gracetech today, founded by a long-time visionaire and NetBSD user Raphael Langerhorst. The website is currently only available in German language, but the product in focus here is announced under the label "Unified Computing". It unifies hardware, operating system and the user environment in a unique experience. This is implemented with a hardware that's built of a wooden(!) case around an ARM CPU running the NetBSD operating system. The user environment is built by GraceTech's own G Universe system. See the flyer for more information.

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[20060923] Articles: Testing and measuring the TAMS 3011, Part 1-6
I've completely missed this article series by Peter Seebach over at IBM's developerWorks until I saw a reference in the #NetBSD blog. The series describes the PowerPC based TAMS 3011 architecture, some of the operating system alternatives and then goes into porting NetBSD to it:

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[20060921] Of course it runs NetBSD: Force10 Networks switches / routers
After some rumours followed by inquiries, we now know:

Force10 Networks make high performance gigabit and 10 gigabit Ethernet switch/routers. NetBSD is the base for their FTOS software.

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[20060921] USB-rechargable batteries
Must have: USB-rechargable AA batteries, found on Slashdot. See a short review, their homepage, FAQ and order information (shipping only inside UK... bah!):

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[20060919] Porting NetBSD to AVR32?
Amtel Norway is offering two hardware development kits to port NetBSD to their AVR32 CPUs. Any takers?

Ports of GCC and binutils are in pkgsrc to get started, see pkgsrc/cross/avr*. Some work may be needed to update to latest versions to get support for AVR32.

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[20060731] NetBSD on Olimex CS-EP930x board (Updated)
The Olimex CS-EP930x boards are development boards for EP9301 ARM920T microcontrollers with USB, RS232, ethernet and SD/MMC connectors. Ivan Vasilev got NetBSD/evbarm booting on such a board, see the dmesg output and his mail netbsd-ports@ for more information.

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[20060728] NetBSD/ofppc boots multiuser on Pegasos
There was some discussion about the status of NetBSD on the Pegasos board on the port-ofppc mailing list recently, and Jorge Acereda Macia has posted a dmesg of NetBSD/ofppc now. The port uses only only the (rather slow) hardware interfaces that are provided via Open Firmware, but that may change.

About the hardware, the Pegasos homepage says that ``The Pegasos platform is a flexible PowerPC based mainboard and swappable CPU card that can be deployed in a variety of configurations from a thin client to a server. The Pegasos utilizes a standardized abstraction layer and a customized implementation of IEEE1275 compliant Open Firmware that allows the platform to leverage less expensive components and peripherals directed at the standard PC market, while providing PowerPC advantages of lower power consumption, lower operating temperatures and higher reliability. The platform is supported by multiple operating systems and development communities. The Pegasos is capable of adapting to commercial and industrial markets.''

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[20060705] NetBSD ported to Sun JavaStation Espresso
Julian Coleman wrote to the port-sparc mailing list that ``[w]ith help from uwe@, port-sparc now boots single user on the JavaStation Espresso. Minor modifications were needed to the PCI and interrupt mapping code, as the Espresso is very similar to the (already supported) Krups.'' See Julian's mail for more information including a dmesg output.

More information on the hardware is available in the Linux on the Sun JavaStation NC HOWTO, which tells us that an Espresso is ``extremely rare to find. It was never available for sale in quantities to either the general public or the initial JavaStation deployments, limiting the model's production quantity. To call this "Generation Three" of the JavaStation may be improper, as Espresso is nothing like the generation three JavaStation written about in early Sun marketing literature. The Espresso was designed as an extension of the Krups. It was geared to sites that wanted a little bit more functionality and expansion capability from their JavaStations: a cross between an NC and a workstation. Espresso is powered by the same 110Mhz MicroSPARC IIep chip as Krups . It's mainboard is similar to Krups, with the addition of PCI slots and an IDE channel for local hard disks. The IDE on Espresso was not enabled in the demo units. Those who have tried to make it work have concluded the wiring is incorrect, and it requires a hardware rework to get going. Espresso continues with the PS2 keyboard and PS2 mouse ports from Mr. Coffee and Krups. Espresso uses the same 168-pin, 3.3V unbuffered EDO DIMMs as Krups. The maximum amount of memory for Espresso is reported to be 96MB. As with the Mr. Coffee and Krups , the number "xx" in the Sun option number refers to the amount of memory shipped with the unit. For video display, the Espresso uses the PCI-based IGS C2000 framebuffer, along with the same standard VGA port connector as Krups and Mr. Coffee. The on-board audio remains a Crystal CS4231 chip like Krups, and the network interface remains a Sun HappyMeal 10/100 Mbps interface like Krups as well. Espresso came with the 9-pin serial port and 1/8" audio out and 1/8" audio in jacks of Krups, and a new addition of a parallel port, and a second 9-pin serial port. Espresso also comes with the flash memory to load your OS on and bypass the network boot cycle. One new addition to the Espresso is a smart card slot. '' They also have a picture of the machine.

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[20060420] NetBSD ported to I-O DATA HDL-G "Giga LANDISK" (Updated)
Catching up on source-changes, I found that NONAKA Kimihiro has committed code to the NetBSD/evbarm port to support NetBSD on the "Giga Landisk" NAS device, a harddisk with some additional USB ports plus a Gigabit ethernet interface. See the japanese page for a bit more information. Unfortunately the link given in the commit message doesn't work for me...

Update: Kimihiro-san has sent me a link to an english language page describing the HDL-G400U, including FAQ and gallery. Yumm...

BTW for those asking "where to buy", see the "Global Link" section on the left, which has links to offices in America, Europe and others.

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