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[20081214] Crosscompiling from Solaris: done
After a bit more fiddling, building of the netbsd-5 branch now fully works on Solaris, including crosscompiling of The latter was the last stepping stone, and according to voices from tech-x11, it even happened on other platforms.

The problem was that when the X libs are built, some libs need otherlibs to be installed - and for libXi, the required libXext wasn't always built for me. After some cleaning up of some non-working overhead (thanks to Bernd 'veego' Ernesti) and some shuffling of libs (by yours truly) things build reliably now:

make release started at:  Fri Dec 12 19:09:19 CET 2008
make release finished at: Fri Dec 12 20:45:15 CET 2008
===> Successful make release
===> ended:   Fri Dec 12 20:45:15 CET 2008
===> Summary of results: command: ./ -x -X ../xsrc-5 -m i386 -u -N 2 -U -M obj.i386 [...] started: Fri Dec 12 19:09:18 CET 2008
         NetBSD version:   5.0_BETA
         MACHINE:          i386
         MACHINE_ARCH:     i386
         Build platform:   SunOS 5.10 i86pc
         HOST_SH:          /usr/xpg4/bin/sh
         TOOLDIR path:     /usr/homes/feyrer/cvs/src-5/obj.i386/tooldir
         DESTDIR path:     /usr/homes/feyrer/cvs/src-5/obj.i386/destdir
         RELEASEDIR path:  /usr/homes/feyrer/cvs/src-5/obj.i386/releasedir
         makewrapper:      /usr/homes/feyrer/cvs/src-5/obj.i386/tooldir/bin/nbmake-i386
         Updated /usr/homes/feyrer/cvs/src-5/obj.i386/tooldir/bin/nbmake-i386
         Successful make release ended:   Fri Dec 12 20:45:15 CET 2008
===> .

real  1:35:58.0
user    53:23.4
sys     10:30.1
Besides Solaris 10/x86, I've also checked that the netbsd-5 branch builds on OpenSuSE 10.2/xs86, Mac OS X 10.4.11/x86, NetBSD 2.0/i386 and NetBSD 5.0/i386.

With this step, I consider my pet project of making NetBSD crosscompile-able from Solaris finished. The goal was to add Solaris as another platform for embedded development projects that use NetBSD as target operating system. The reason for the project was to make sure the development platform list does include Solaris, which I considere a worthy operating system for such a venture. In case someone cannot use NetBSD or Mac OS, of course. 8-)

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[20081203] One step further in crosscompiling from Solaris (Updated)
In the past few weeks, I've slowly worked to get the NetBSD 5.0 release branch compiling on Solaris. I've made another small step forward today, after fixing the ISO creation process.

The errors that I've stumbled across recently are all of the same sort: Syntax errors from sh, i.e. it breaks immediately while parsing the commands, not later while executing it. As such, tracing is a bit awkward. The core problem is that Solaris' shell trips over for-loops with no variables expanded:

	for foo in
	do ...
Now Solaris' /bin/sh is known to be buggy, but this also happens with /usr/xpg4/bin/sh. The above situation can occur in a Makefile if a make(1) variable is empty, but still expanded, i.e.
	for foo in ${MAKE_VAR}         \
	do ...
A workaround for this was suggested by Alan Barrett, and this is what should be used instead to keep NetBSD crosscompile-able from Solaris:
	shell_var="${MAKE_VAR}";       \
	for foo in $${shell_var};      \
	do ...
There are other workarounds for this situation, but the above is what I've used so far, and it got the build going one step further each time.

Now off to another build, and see where it fails next time! :-)

Update: In private, Jörg pointed out that Alan actually suggested a different solution than what I wrote here, i.e. using ${MAKE_VAR:Q} to quote any strange chars in the variable, instead of simply putting it into double quotes. This is e.g. important if the variable has values with `` which would be expanded in my case. For the case at hands -- NetBSD(:-) -- this doesn't make a difference.

After the change described above, NetBSD's base system and kernels can be cross compiled from Solaris (woot!). Only X is still struggling and after making sure NetBSD's (tool)awk is used instead of Solaris' native awk in one place, a "make build" in src/external/mit/xorg works, too. Right now I'm only seeing some strange errors when doing a full " -x", but I hope to have that going soon, too. Stay tuned!

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[20060217] crosscompiling (src and pkgsrc) with distcc
One of the yet-unsolved mysteries to mankind, at least within the NetBSD project and pkgsrc, is how to cross-compile random applications with all their differing build schemes (autoconf, X/imake, ...). Reinoud Zandijk has proposed a version of crosscompiling pkgsrc (and src) using distcc.

He'd appreciate comments!

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[20050607] Userland NetBSD: cross-building pkgsrc
Kirster Walfridsson has (finally :-) imported his pkgsrc cross-building support that he introduced at EuroBSDCon 2004 (paper) into pkgsrc. The system is really running a full NetBSD userland with CPU emulation, trapping known cpu instructions, system calls and esp. exec(2)ing known native binaries (ls, crosscompiling cc/gcc) to speed things up a lot -- the result are pkgsrc builds that run about in real time for the real compile jobs. A restriction right now is that it works to build for NetBSD/arm 1.6.2 right now.

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