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[20161123] EuroBSDCon 2016 Talks and NetBSD
This year's EuroBSDCon took place in Belgrade, and the slides are now available. Have a look at the full lot - or pick the ones that are relevant to NetBSD: Reminder: Presentations about either NetBSD itself, its internals but also how to use NetBSD to do something cool, neat, useful or just utterly obscure are always welcome. Let me know, or even better: file your (Euro)BSDCon talk! :)

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[20120201] EuroBSDCon 2012: Warsaw, Poland
Quoting from the website:

18 - 21 October 2012, Warsaw, Poland

EuroBSDcon is the European technical conference for people working on and with BSD based operating systems and related projects. EuroBSDcon 2012 is the 11th EuroBSDcon and will take place in Poland, 18-21 October 2012 in Warsaw. EuroBSDcon is a great and unique time to learn more about the powerful BSD systems we use everyday and to connect with other developers around the world. ''

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[20120130] EuroBSDcon 2011 NetBSD Presentation
spz@ gave a presentation with a status report of NetBSD during last EuroBSDCon. Slides in HTML format are available now - enjoy!

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[20100616] EuroBSDCon 2010 - Call for Papers
From some mails I see: ``EuroBSDCon 2010 - Call for Papers

9th European BSD Conference
October 8 - 10, 2010
Karlsruhe, Germany


The European BSD Community will meet again this year for the ninth conference in the EuroBSDCon series. This is a great opportunity to present new ideas to the community, inform your fellow BSD enthusiasts about the newest developments and work for the continued success of your favorite operating system. The two day conference program (October 9 - 10) will be preceeded by a tutorial day (Oct 8). Call for Papers

We are inviting contributions on all areas relating to the BSD family of operating systems, e.g. applications, architecture, implementation, administration and security of *BSD operating systems ranging from embedded systems to mainframes. Investigations on economic aspects regarding the operation of BSD systems are also welcome.

Prospective authors of contributions to the technical program are requested to submit an abstract via Presentations should last about 40 minutes including time for questions from the audience. Authors of accepted submissions should provide a full paper for publication in the conference proceedings and give permission to the organizers to publish the results in the printed proceedings and on the conference web site at

Call for Tutorial Proposals

Selected tutorials will be offered on the day before the conference. If you are interested in presenting a tutorial, please submit your suggestion on the conference website using the same mechanism as for submitting a paper. Please indicate if this would be a half- or full-day tutorial.

Sponsorship Opportunities

We are seeking companies or institutions to sponsor various elements of the conference in order to keep delegate fees as low as possible. Sponsorship opportunities include: paying for a speaker's travel or accommodation; providing bursaries for delegates who cannot pay the conference fee themselves; sponsoring the social event or the printing of proceedings. Please see the conference website for details.

Important Dates

Final abstract deadline: July 6th 2010
Final tutorial deadline: July 6th
Final papers due: September 1st
Tutorial day: October 8th
Conference: October 9 - 10

For more, see''

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[20081022] EuroBSDCon 2008 NetBSD Presentation
EuroBSDCon 2008 in Strasbourg came and went last weekend. For those of us who remained home, there are still pictures and audio streams (select Formation: eurobsdcon) of the lectures to listen to, picked up via the DragonFlyBSD blog.

Here are the talks on NetBSD and/or from NetBSD developers:

  • Yvan Vanhullebus: IPSec tools: past, present and future (PDF, mp3)
  • Martin Schuette: Improved NetBSD Syslogd (PDF, mp3)
  • Michael Dexter: Zen and the Art of Multiplicity Maintenance: An applied survey of BSD-licensed multiplicity strategies from chroot to mult (PDF, mp3)
  • Hauke Fath: Managing BSD desktop clients - Fencing in the herd (PDF, mp3)
  • Joerg Sonnenberger: Sleeping beauty - NetBSD on Modern Laptops (PDF, mp3)
  • Antti Kantee: Converting kernel file systems to services (PDF, mp3)

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[20080816] Catching up, once more
After a few days of offline-experience, here's a short summary of what happens that I haven't seen mentioned widely:
  • NetBSD achieves permanent charity status: ``The Foundation has been a 501(c)(3) charity since 2004, but previously the status was given under an advanced ruling period, i.e. it was of limited time. The permanent charity status is also known as 170(b)(1)(A)(vi).

    Being a public charity is important to us, as it means that we are eligible to receive employer matching donations, as well as to enjoy the most beneficial tax treatment. ''

  • Metadata journaling support added to FFS: ``In case of a crash or unexpected power loss however, the journaled file system will not need a lengthy file system check at boot time, but instead the kernel will replay the log within seconds. This allows faster crash recovery, less overall downtime and higher availability.

    Converting an existing system to use the log feature is as easy as updating (both kernel and userland), making sure the kernel option WAPBL is selected (this is the default for GENERIC kernels now), adding a ?log? option to /etc/fstab and rebooting. Note that WAPBL is not compatible with soft-dependencies, so please ensure that you first remove the ?softdep? option if present. See the wapbl(4) manual page for more information. ''

    Kudos for this go to Wasabi Systems, Darrin B. Jewell, Simon Burge, Greg Oster, Antti Kantee, and Andrew Doran!

  • Uli 'rhaen' Habel wrote me that he wrote a blosxom plugin for gnats: ``During my work for pkgsrc I started to write articles for my blog and I referred to several PRs from the NetBSD gnats system. However I just wanted to type the PR in the form of e.g. NetBSD PR pkg/39230 and would like to have my blog software to link to the webpage automatically''.

    Blosxom is the blogging software that Uli and I use, and you can learn more about his GNATS plugin, and download it, here. (Apparently I didn't get to install this plugin yet, that's why you don't see a link on the above quoted text :-).

  • Stefan Schumacher wrote me that the german magazine Die Zeit has an article on operating systems showing screenshots of several operating systems, starting with C64 Basic V2, going over MS-DOS and Windows to more esoteric ones like Mac OS X, Solaris, and *cough* BSD. Check the screenshot of the latter one! ;)

  • Another one from Uli Habel: His (NetBSD|pkgsrc) blog is now syndicated on

  • Wilhelm Buehler hints me at EuroBSDcon 2008: ``EuroBSDCon is the european technical conference for people working on and with 4.4BSD based operating systems and related projects. EuroBSDCon 2008 will take place in Strasbourg, France 18-19 October 2008 at University of Strasbourg.''

  • There's an article by Warren Webb titled "Free software encircles embedded design" at Electronic Design, Strategy, News (EDN). The article starts by illustriating open source software as a natural (and cheap, or course) alternative to commercial systems, describes benefits of the development model and the wealth of applications and how they can be used in an embedded environment. It continues talking about licenses, tools, and alternatives to Linux, including NetBSD.

  • Those into funky gadgets may like the MoPods may be for you: ``As if a little charm pet wasn't reason enough for being, the MoPods are actually practical. When your mobile phone rings or receives a text within a metre of your MoPod then the little blighter will get in a tizz, spin round and round and a little light will flash wildly in reaction. The perfect visual warning if your phone is on silent or you are in a noisy bar.

    Whether hung on your bag, your clothes, your keys or your mobile, MoPods are a must-have, or as they say in Japan, a "hitsuyou".''

  • Back to our fine operating system: Ian Hibbert, who has written NetBSD's bluetooth stack, has worked on a PAN daemon for NetBSD. This allows to perform personal area networking in various ways:
    Network Access Point is like an ethernet bridge
    Group ad-hoc Network is a NAP with no external network
    Personal Area Networking User in both host (like GN but a single connection) and client (the device that connects to all the others) mode.
    All this will come in an upcoming NetBSD release (well, and FreeBSD too, it seems, as they like it :-) near you pretty soon, see Iain's mail to tech-net.

May the source be with you!

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[20080605] EuroBSDCon needs you
Emmanuel Dreyfus writes: ``EuroBSDCon 2008 needs you (or at least your papers). The deadline for paper submission has been moved to july 1st and the program comitee is eager to read your contributions.

So if you can afford a trip to Strasbourg, France on 18-19 october 2008, and if you developed or integrated something cool this year, please submit an abstract to pc at

The new call for papers is here: ''

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[20070922] EuroBSDCon 2007 Presentations
EuroBSDCon in Copenhagen is over, and after a thundering silence from the NetBSD camp, I've at last found a list of presentations in Axel Gruner's blog. So, what presentations did we miss? Here's a list of the ones that have material online:
  • Antti Kantee and Alistair Crooks: ReFUSE: Userspace FUSE Reimplementation Using puffs (Paper)
  • Brooks Davis: Using FreeBSD to Promote Open Source Development Methods (Slides)
  • Brooks Davis: Building Clusters With FreeBSD (Slides)
  • Claudio Jeker: OpenBSD as routing platform (Slides)
  • George Neville-Neil: Network Protocol Testing in FreeBSD and in General (Slides)
  • Isaac 'ike' Levy: FreeBSD jail(8) Overview, The Virtual Server (Slides)
  • John P. Hartmann: Real Men's Pipes (Slides, Paper)
  • Dr. Marshall Kirk McKusick: A Brief History of the BSD Fast Filesystem (Slides)
  • Marc Balmer: Supporting Radio Clocks in OpenBSD (Slides)
  • Marko Zec: Network stack virtualization for FreeBSD 7.0 (Slides)
  • Pawel Jakub Dawidek: FreeBSD/ZFS - last word in operating/file systems (Slides)
  • Peter Hansteen: Firewalling with OpenBSD's PF packet filter (Paper)
  • Pierre-Yves Ritschard: OpenBSD: Load-Balancing using HostStated: (Slides)
  • Robert Watson: FreeBSD Advanced Security Features (Slides)
  • Ryan Bickhart: Transparent TCP-to-SCTP Translation Shim Layer (Slides)
  • Soeren Straarup: An ARM from shoulder to hand (Slides)
  • Sam Leffler: Long Distance Wireless (for Emerging Regions) (Slides)
  • Sam Smith: Fighting "Technical fires" (Slides)
  • Simon L. Nielsen: The FreeBSD Security Officer function (Slides)
  • Stephen Borrill: Building products with NetBSD - thin clients (Slides)
  • Steven Murdoch: Hot or Not: Fingerprinting hosts through clock skew (Slides)
  • Yvan VanHullebus: NETASQ and BSD: a success story (Slides)
Axel also links to pictures on his blog posting for those interested.

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[20070828] Reminder: EuroBSDCon 2007 poster session
Poul-Henning Kamp sent out a reminder that there will be a poster session at the upcoming EuroBSDCon. Those having interesting work-in-progress projects are encouraged to sign up and present your works there - and I think there are quite a number of projects that can be presented for NetBSD right now.

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[20070218] EuroBSDCon 2007 CfP deadline is near
Just a reminder: the EuroBSDCon 2007 deadline is due on March 1st 2007, and there's always interest in having more NetBSD presence at such conferences. Maybe give it some thought and submit your paper!

FWIW, EuroBSDCon 2007 will take place in Copenhagen, Denmark 14-15 September 2007, see the homepage for more information.

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