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[20120203] NetBSD Hackathon - February 10th to 12th, 2012
Matthias 'tron' Scheler announced per mail and on the NetBSD blog ``The 16th NetBSD hackathon will be run from February 10th to February 12th. Our goal is fixing all the bugs that need fixing to get NetBSD-current ready for the creation of the NetBSD 6.0 release branch.

Everybody that has an interest in NetBSD, from developers, documentation writers, translators, to advanced users are invited to attend. To make sure that NetBSD users get the best possible experience of the new release we would like to fix as many bugs as possible. For a list of bugs and more information look at the Wiki Page under <> please.

If you are able to help us fixing these bugs by supplying patches or testing fixes please consider to participate. We are also in need of people to supply documentation fixes, preferably in the form of patches. Release notes and/or manual pages!

Join us on the IRC channel #netbsd-code on freenode ( Just join, have a look around and ask your questions or what work needs to be done.

We are looking forward to seeing you!''

Indeed! :-)

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[20100205] Hackathon, February 19-22 2010
Aleksej Saushev writes on a bunch of lists:
We're running 13th Hackathon February 19-22 2010,
come and join us on IRC channel #netbsd-code at FreeNode (
You may choose other ways to participate, if you find it more convenient.
See Hackathon page for updates:


Fix as many bugs as possible, close as many PRs as possible.


In previous years we have accumulated a lot of problem reports.
Some of them relate to no longer supported branches (e.g. 2.0)
and were occasionally fixed during regular code work.
Some of them relate to hardware developers don't have access to.
Some of them may be too easy to fix, but noone looks at that part
of code (e.g. documentation).
Some of them relate to packages already removed or heavily reworked.
Some of them relate to packages in exotic environment (Solaris, Interix)
and developers cannot test if the bug is present or not.

You can find more in PR database at

More specifically, David Holland maintains categorized lists of PRs at

of which "Wanted for 5.1" 

and "Stuck" (
are of particular interest.

Another hot area is pkgsrc 

IMPORTANT NOTE: You don't have to be programmer to be able to help us,
you can help us with generic testing support.  

Come, bring your favourite booze, and join in!

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[20080523] Hackathon #11 this weekend: Bugathon
Preparations of the NetBSD 5.0 release will start soon, and to reduce the number of outstanding bugs before the pre-branch feature freeze, David Holland has encouraged to do yet another hackathon this weekend (May 23rd to 25th 2008), to fix known bugs. His posting has information on details, including a link to the 11th Hackathon page, and the reminder to join #netbsd-code on for coordination.

There's quite a bit to do, so if you have time -> join in!

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[20080318] Report on the first pkgsrc-wip hackathon
Adam Hoka posted about started about doing another hackathon a few days ago, with the focus of concentrating on pkgsrc-wip, the SourceForge spinoff of pkgsrc that has "work in progress" packages, and where it's easy to get commit access to import packages for easy testing, before they are moved into pkgsrc. The "wipathon" ran last weekend, and now Adam posted a report on the results of the hackathon: ``We could tidy up pkgsrc-wip and import some packages to pkgsrc. There are some other software we have made ready to use, and only needs some testing before we can import them. We have also got rid of outdated and long time unmaintained packages. But the most important is, that we could share and discuss our ideas.''

On a side note, it also seems that one or more people got quite some pkgsrc karma and possibly a new mail address in the process. :)

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[20080131] Article: Waving the flag: NetBSD developers speak about version 4.0
Federico Biancuzzi has collected interviews from more than twenty NetBSD developers in an multiple-page article which talks about what's new in the NetBSD 4.0 release: If you have any comments, there's also a page for comments and discussion available.

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[20080105] Hackathon 9 focussed on closing PRs
From the NetBSD webpage: `` The next hackathon will be held January 19th and 20th, 2008. The focus will be on closing PR's that are not relevant anymore after the release of 4.0. I.e. 2.0 becomes unsupported. Participation is open to everyone. Check out the Hackathon community page for more details.''

Useful links: the general Hackathon wiki page, NetBSD's hackathon page.

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[20071028] pkgsrc hackathon focusing on package options next weekend
Adam Hoka writes that ``There is a pkgsrc hackathon scheduled for 3rd-4th of November.

Our goals

Make files for packages that don`t already use them, and improve support for options if the package uses them but more options could be added.''

See Adam's posting for more information, and see also the Wiki page for this 7th hackathon.

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[20070409] Hackathon 5 - Results
[Daniel and I have drafted this together, so I'll take the liberty to paste without quotes]

The fifth NetBSD Hackathon took place from Friday, 6th of April, until Sunday, 8th of April 2007. Titled "docathon", the main focus was on bringing the NetBSD WWW pages and documentation into a consistent and more up-to-date state. Here are the results:

  • All .list files that are not related to translations have been converted
  • Many of the ports pages were previously either available in XML or HTML. To unify them, all the HTML-pages have been converted to XML (or are under conversion).
  • The wscons FAQ has been converted and merged into the NetBSD Guide's "console drivers" section.
  • Other parts of the documentation previously only available in plain HTML have been converted to XML.
  • Obsolete ports pages have been removed in the process of the sh5 and evhsh5 port removal which happended during this weekend, new ports paves have been properly linked.
  • Various minor updates and fixes have been applied
Unfortunately, the translations are generally in a state without much hope. In order not to confuse users with highly outdated docs, it is recommended that the translations shall be dropped sooner or later. Of course, regional groups are highly encouraged to maintain their own translations in order to further promote NetBSD for their native users.

Overall, the event was a great success, and given esp. the short notice still a number of people have helped to make it so - thank you very much to all of them!

If you want to learn more about the 5th NetBSD Hackathon, you can find information at the Wiki at People interested in working on any of the open issues feel free to communicate via the mailing list.

Let me add a few notes on my own:

  • The Wiki is a WONDERFUL tool for short-term, online collaboration and management of working lists
  • Our documentation needs more reading, and consecutive updates. We should do a Readathon soon. :)
  • Emacs with nxml-mode (pkgsrc/textproc/nxml-mode) is a nice tool for updating documentation, esp. one with bad structure and lots of missing closing links.
Thanks to Daniel for being the driving force behind this event!

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[20061223] 4th Hackathon: pkgsrc
Citing from the NetBSD website: ``The NetBSD Project will hold its fourth hackathon from December 27th to December 29th, 2006. The event will focus on preparing pkgsrc for the upcoming pkgsrc-2006q4 branch and to close as many pkg PRs as possible. Please join us on IRC (, #pkgsrc)!''.

Jörg Sonnenberger has sent mail with more details to tech-pkg@.

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[20061009] The NetBSD Bugathon: Reloaded and successful
Last weekend was the second NetBSD Bugathon -- an event that was focussed at fixing existing NetBSD PRs, and that had many NetBSD developers ("committers") and enthusiastic users work on fixing and closing about 300 open PRs.

The event was again guided by Elad Efrat, who has also posted a report on the bugathon, see his mail to the netbsd-users list. Given the recent rumours about NetBSD dying, having no momentum, etc. that's quite a step forward, and it also served as an example for others.

Further events of this kind are planned, though they will likely be more focussed, going away from picking the low-hanging fruits^WPRs and aiming e.g. at specific areas like pkgsrc, support of certain hardware platforms, etc. Check out the NetBSD Hackathon webpage for updates!

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