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[20120925] MaheshaNetBSD Live USB
I haven't seen too much progress on the NetBSD-Live-CD front recently, but who uses CDs these days, anyways? Right, a Live USB-stick image is much cooler, and MaheshaNetBSD Live USB is just that!

Juraj Sipos started his project originally on FreeBSD (and still continues that), but there's a variant based on NetBSD 5.1.2 now, too. The system comes up read-write, so you can make changes to it - as Juraj writes on the webpage: ``With this USB image I can now use NetBSD the same way as if it was installed on a hard drive.''

Oh, and for those impatient to try, the root password is "netbsd5".

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[20090208] NetBSD/amd64 based live CD (and i386, too): Jibbed 5 RC1
Zafer Aydogan wrote me that his NetBSD-based "Jibbed" live-CD has reached status of a first release candidate. As a very special thing, there is a version of the CD for 64bit machines which is based on NetBSD/amd64. The CD itself follows the netbsd-5 branch, uses, recent Firefox (3.0.6) and thanks to vnd compression, it's only 400MB in size.

See the Jibbed homepage for more information including screenshots, download links, and a FAQ.

Be sure to mail your experiences back to Zafer to make the CD even better!

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[20090111] jibbed 5 beta - NetBSD 5.0_BETA based live CD
Zafer Aydogan wrote me that jibbed 5 beta is available now. Jibbed is a NetBSD-based Live CD, and the version number indicates that it's based on the NetBSD 5.0_BETA release. From the website: ``It features select packages from pkgsrc, as well as autoconfiguration for networking and graphics cards. A new feature is the ability to run memtest from the boot prompt.

This version contains the xfce4 window manager and uses Xorg (base). It features vnd compression and is only 400 MB in size. The minimum requirement is now an i686 or compatible CPU and 128 MB RAM.

As you might have noticed, I've changed the version numbering - again. Jibbed will from now on carry the version number from the NetBSD release it has been build from.

Feel free to download jibbed 5 beta.''

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[20080826] Jibbed LiveCD V0.15.72 released
Zafer Aydogan has released Version 0.15.72 of his Jibbed NetBSD LiveCD. News are that the it's a CD again, instead of a DVD. Kernel sources are from NetBSD-current with kernel version 4.99.72 (as or August 19th), the CD also has Firefox 3, Roy Marples' dhcpcd 4.0rc3, WAPBL (journaling for FFS), top 3.8beta1, OpenSSH with HPN-Patch, Postfix 2.5.2, Bind 9, and may more.

Right now the CD is a bit slow as compressed VND images are currently broken - anyone who can fix this is more than welcome to do so.

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[20080606] Jibbed LiveCD 0.14.64 released
Zafer Aydogan wrote me that he has released a new version of his Jibbed NetBSD LiveCD. News in version 0.14.64 include sources as of netBSD 4.99.64, a change from XFree to modular, Xfce4 as Window Manager as well as Roy Marple's new DHCP client daemon. Further changes include automatic detection of the graphics card, and loading of the required drivers (if available).

The ISO is currently more than 1GB, as there's a bug in NetBSD's handling of compressed vnc(4) images, which leads to kernel panics.

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[20080209] Article: The NetBSD live CD -- why haven't I heard of this before?
This article is about the 2007 NetBSD Live CD by Joerg Braun. Apparently the author missed it when it was announced, and he's very happy with it now, and describes how to get networking going, illustrating the various steps where Linux-users may encounter problems. Nothing new for old-time NetBSD veterans, but probably a good read for new NetBSD users.

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[20070828] New version of the Jihbed LiveCD
Zafer Aydogan sent me mail to let me (and thus you :) know that he has released a new version of his NetBSD-based Jihbed Live CD. A list of changes is avialable in the changelog, notable changes include several bugfixes plus some minor changes in the selection of packages installed on the CD. Enjoy!

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[20070623] Jihbed Live CD updated
Zafer Aydogan dropped me mail that he has updated his Jihbed Live CD. The latest version is built from NetBSD-current (4.99.20), it also includes updated packages from pkgsrc and pkgsrc-wip.

Zafer made the CD with pkgsrc/sysutils/mklivecd. It features a GUI based on icewm, and is intended both for getting to know NetBSD for new users as well as disaster recovery.

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[20070406] Jihbed - a(nother) NetBSD Live CD
Quoting from the website: ``What is Jihbed? A live system on CD. It is an operating system that is able to load directly from a bootable CD, without any hard disk or installation required.'' Those wondering what the word "jihbed" actually means will find an answer in the NetBSD wiki.

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[20070224] German language articles: Systrace, and Deleting Files Safely
Stefan Schumacher has mentioned two of his recent articles and presentations on regional-de:
  1. "Daten sicher löschen" (deleting files safely) talks about deleting files in a secure way. The article also mentions a NetBSD 4.0_BETA2 based Live CD called "NetBSD/Schrubber", an article and slides for a presentation about the topic that Stefan will give at the Chemnitz Linuxdays 2007.

  2. "Systrace" contains an (also german language) introduction on what Systrace is and how to use it, including an article and presentation slides that Stefan gave at the GUUG Spring Talks 2007 and will give at the Chemnitz Linuxdays 2007.
Mmm, NetBSD advocacy at its best! :-)

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