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[20080922] NetBSD 4.x binary packages
John Klos and Havard Eidnes have made a bunch of precompiled binary packages available, See John's and Havard's arm and alpha email. John built packages from the pkgsrc 2008Q2 branch, for the following platforms:
  • mipsel - cobalt: 1506 packages
  • mipseb - sgimips: 344 packages (just recently started)
  • arm - shark: 939 packages
  • m68k - amiga: 1316 packages
The packages can be found on Havard has uploaded a set of preliminary results from a build of pkgsrc-2008Q1 on NetBSD 4.0/arm. He has a total of 3.5GB in a total of 4578 packages, which can also be found on (different directory...).

Havard has also uploaded bulk build results from NetBSD 4.0/alpha and pkgsrc-2008Q2. A total of 6.7GB of packages were uploaded, for a total of 6270 packages. The packages can be found on as well.

Happy pkg_add'ing!

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[20060312] NetBSD 3.0/cobalt binary packages
All those wanting precompiled binary packages for their Cobalt machines running NetBSD 3.0 can be happy now, as Andreas Fuchs made his packages available, see the corresponding posting on port-cobal@ or go to the package archive directly.

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[20060203] Essential NetBSD 3.0/sparc Binary Packages + Install CD (Updated)
I've made yet another ISO available, containing install sets and binary packages for NetBSD 3.0/sparc this time. See my posting for more information.

Update: The file is now also available as torrent - please use it!

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[20060203] Next proof-of-concept: upgrading binary packages
The next round in the eternal game of updating packages installed on a system comes from Havard Eidnes. He suggests having an index file on the FTP server keeping the binary packages, and working from there.

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[20060131] Solaris 9 pkgsrc-2005Q4 binaries available
Jonathan Perkin has made binary packages for Solaris 9/sparc available. See his mail to tech-pkg or tune your PKG_PATH to grab them directly.

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[20060128] Binary packages: Solaris 10/amd64, NetBSD 2.0/sparc64
Gilles Dauphin has made a little number of AMD64 bit package for Solaris10 available, see his mail or grab them directly.

Havard Eidnes has uploaded binaries for NetBSD/sparc64 2.0 / pkgsrc-2005Q4. See his mail or grab them directly.

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[20060126] Binary packages: NetBSD 2.1 alpha+sparc
Havard Eidnes has uploaded binary packages for NetBSD 2.1/alpha, and Manuel Bouyer has made some NetBSD 2.1/sparc binary packages available. Happy pkg_add'ing on your NetBSD 2.x machines!

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[20060113] NetBSD 3.0/sparc 2005Q4 packages available




Manuel Bouyer has uploaded his results of a bulk build of pkgsrc-2005Q4 on NetBSD 3.0/sparc, counting 4.707 binary packages. See his mail, or point your PKG_PATH at and fire up pkg_add.

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[20060109] Updating my home PC's pkgs
After running NetBSD 3.0(_whatever) for some time on my home PC, and after there are 3.0/i386 pkgs available now, I decided to update all the pkgs I use the other day. In short, the process was a lot less painful than expected.

Using "pkg_info -u" gave me a rough idea of what I really installed (instead of what was pulled in as dependencies), and I then made a list of packages i wanted. As I didn't dare removing all my packages before the update, I set up a chroot environment in which I later installed all new packages, running " install=/usr/sandbox" from /usr/src.

After "chroot /usr/sandbox", I took my above list, and ran "pkg_add" on each one, pointing the PKG_PATH environment variable at the binary pkg repository on the NetBSD FTP server. Almost everything went smooth, except the few packages that cannot be made available via FTP - acroread, acroread5, mplayer and xv. Using pkgsrc to install them worked. Surprise.

After that I moved aside /usr/pkg and /var/db/pkg, replaced them with symlinks to /usr/sandbox/usr/pkg and /usr/sandbox/var/db/pkg, and rebooted the system. Maybe I should say that my home PC logs me in immediately via some magic dust, runs .xinit which starts up fvwm2, firefox, fires up the DSL connection and a few other things, so rebooting this machine is quite a good test to see what breaks.

With one exceptions, everything worked: firefox is now called firefox-gtk1 (I detest gtk2+!) so this wasn't found immediately. After adding a symlink to give me back a 'firefox' binary, everything works as before, just with newer packages.

In summary, the drama that I expected to manifest in missing binary packages and broken pkgsrc packages just wasn't there. I'm happy. Thank you, NetBSD! :-)

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[20060106] While we're at it: amd64pkg-3.0.iso available (Updated)
Manual made the binary pkgs, and I've ran the same scripts as for i386. I have no real way (hardware) to test this, please do: experimental amd64pkg-3.0.iso (checksum). Please see the README.amd64pkg-3.0.iso first! After testing, let me know if this is worth persuing for the future... (see also my posting to the amd64 list).

Update: The amd64 packages were done by Jan, not Manuel. Sorry!

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